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Edges for any need

Ostermann offers edges in every length from 1 meter, as well as borders in any width up to 104 mm.Se a carpenter he needed measures not covered in the standard, then it enters the service Ostermann cutting edge in the game, which are sectioned at desired heights, already from 10 meters. The delivery of the dissected edges are milled in 4-5 working days.

ABS edges, 3D acrylic, aluminum and wood

LABS the material of the future between plastic edges, thanks to its outstanding processing properties, of resistance and simple smaltimento.I acrylic 3D edges are characterized by a highly transparent layer on the top and from the application of a decor on the back, combination that gives a 3D effect. The aluminum edges are provided by Ostermann in the form of rolls or rods in multiple finiture.Oltre to us the carpenter can make his choice within the unampia range of edges in real wood.