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  • aluminum shutter

Aluminum shutters

FBS Profilati srl specializes in the production of decorative aluminum profiles for the furniture and interior design, doors and insulating glass industries. Considerable attention is paid to the finishes that are absolutely current and in step with the times.FBS offers aluminum shutters for the modern kitchen. The Aluroll shutters, entirely in aluminum, combine the elegance and versatility of the materials with functionality. FBS Profilati offers different solutions and mounting systems, the sliding can be vertical or horizontal and it is possible to apply a lock with a lock. You can choose profiles in different sizes: FBS 2000 (20 mm), FBS 2025 (25 mm.) And FBS 2140 (40 mm.). For the extra-large shutters you can opt for a motorized system: Motoroll is operated by a remote control and allows the adjustment of the up and down stops. Thanks to the Wind profiles it is possible to develop closures that allow the exchange of air inside the kitchen furniture, allowing the exit of the heat generated by small appliances and the right ventilation of the compartments used for storing food.

  • door profiles

Decorative profiles for doors and panels

The doors do not represent exclusively functional elements of the house, but are embellished with elegant decorations in perfect harmony with the living space that surrounds them. Small details that enhance and transform the doors into original furnishing accessories in the various environments .FBS Profilati offers a wide range of profiles and strips in various sizes (from 6 x 0.5 mm up to 24 x 0.5 mm.) And finishes (golden aluminum, satin or chromed stainless steel) The profiles are applied by pressure in the door grooves or can be glued directly on the surfaces thanks to the pre-applied double-sided tape. The decoration combinations are numerous and made possible also thanks to the functional pneumatic cutting-off device developed to facilitate the processing of the profiles. The tool performs both 90 ° cuts and rounded ends, giving the strips a further refined finish.