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Giplast edges

For the purchasing offices of furniture brands that want edges perfectly integrated with the surfaces, Giplast offers a very wide range

giplast edges

New Giplast edges for laminates and panels presented at the Sicam 2017: tactile, anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant. New finishes are also ...

Edges Giplast Group

The company that offers its clients the experience of a working group very trained and qualified: all this Giplast Group, which manufactures a wide range of solutions The industry elartigiano mobile.Giplast the Group has continuously proposed a concept production in which technical innovation goes hand in hand with creativity and commitment to the development of the production department and the design center. This, along with an experience of years, are the essential ingredients to provide safe solutions, made to perfection and functional, with a contemporary design and esclusivo.Giplast Group talks to the designers, to really facilitate customer expectations with products high quality standards, for specialist use destinations. The solutions should have the minor aesthetic impact on the final destinations: the purpose of Giplast Group to find a solution for avoiding the technical problems that affect the design, facilitating a high level of customization by customers.