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The new Giplast board models

Giplast Group, società specializing in the production of ABS and PVC furniture edges during its forty&th years of &year history; become a 26-rdquo; Italian excellence thanks to a 26-rdquo; innovation, precision, and advanced adhesion technology. Today it has more than 700 direct customers and distributors of the product both nationally and internationally. The 26th edition of Sicam's 2017 edition, the International Furniture, Accessories and Semi-finished Furniture Show for the furniture industry, Giplast has presented a renewed range of edges designed to dress laminates and panels. Among più Required include the High MATT borders, realized by sampling the new colors of the Fenix u200bu200bNTM: they are very soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant; represent the right combination of aesthetics and technical performance. Numamous approvals for Sicam also produced super mats belonging to the same MATT category, combined with the XTREME Matt mattresses from Pfleiderer, the KINOSPAN SKIN necklace and Puricelli Morematt for kitchen and bathroom. Environments, these, for which you need more attention in terms of qualityà and surface resistance. The new range of material style is già a lot chocked. The key to this è success; the refined mix of textures and colors that emphasizes refined chromatic sensations that can best interpret the true essence of the material itself.

  • abs giplast edges

The new edge finishes

On the occasion of the Sicam 2017, Giplast has presented a renewed range for laminates and panels featuring high quality and new finishes that make each board unique. Perfectly in line with current trends, the Natural Ash is designed for Kronospan's Dolce Vita Collection panels and the Era Ora and Natural Ash finishes, developed for the Theatre and Cartusian Finish panels. It celebrates its original multi-colored Concrete Finishing, suitable for both the Finremax Finish panels in Immago Finish and Losa Finishing Laminates. The particular features of this proposal, the feature that makes it unique and versatile, is the wise use of the same cylinder on two different printing designs. For the Fundermax decorative, a rough wood printing design was chosen, while the harp used a decorative design that could reshape the effect of a cut stone. And thanks to the continuous comparison with all the operators involved in the production process, the Giplast boards have all the rules in order to become more and more defined the element capable of giving a plus to the environments, making them evocative and even more welcoming. Work forwarding the future: so you can synthesize Giplast's policy, the spirit with which you face the new challenges of the market by building aesthetically and qualitatively high-level edges.