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Edges for furniture

What would our furniture without borders? Both the edges, both the sections are not simple parts, but real structural elements, since they are used to finish kitchens, tables, cabinets, shelves and frames. ? They are actually a number of variants of edges for furniture available in the market, and all can be adapted to darredo complements in terms of color or and size. Let's review alcuni.I wooden boards are offered in all the woods in different thicknesses, while those made of solid wood usually have a thick coupled with more layers of veneer or veneer to match,? With polyurethane glue. They are available in rolls or lists up to 3 mm. Melamine edges are composed of decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin, which supplied in rolls or coils and fitting for? The edging of furniture in general.? Instead the edge called water-repellent and scratch laminate and consists of a decorative paper impregnated with resins? Melamine and phenolic.? Due to its rigidity it provides uneccellente coverage on particle board.

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ABS edges

? The edge ABS plastic waterproof and environmentally friendly: rather similar to PVC has a higher heat resistance.? The widespread edge of plastic self-extinguishing PVC, water-proof and suitable for all mobile machining. ? Finally, the edge of a polyester laminated with polyester resin: it is a great product recommended for direct lacquering without the need for sanding or modification of the painting cycle with aggrappanti.?Il primer on the back ensures lincollaggio.?Tutti these types of edges are proposed by the brand Monguzzi of Bovisio which from more than thirty leading edges and adhesives industry and always synonymous with reliability, flexibility and competence.