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  • ABS edges

An extra gear in the search for perfect edges

Founded in 1971, Plastivar was established as a company specialized in the production of articles for the furniture industry. Having an extra edge in research, production, customer service, sales, and marketing is Plastivar's primary objective. Based on years of acquired knowledge resources, specialized know-how, and a consolidated corporate culture, Plastivar has been producing for over twenty years using high-tech facilities, ABS edges with requirements suitable to meet every type of request. Plastivar's ABS edges are high-quality products, thanks in part to the careful selection of their suppliers.

  • Plastivar edges

Impeccable edges

Forty years ago, Plastivar created the first component for furniture. Today, Plastivar's commitment to edge care is stronger than ever. This is why the company constantly works towards the future of design, edge structures, and products that comply with environmental regulations. Dedication, efficiency, service, and precision in supply repetitions are fundamental values for the company. Applying a Plastivar edge to customers' panels who trust in the work and passion of the company in Verderio Inferiore will always be an extraordinary and exclusive experience. At Plastivar, we are aware that to defend the future, "it's not enough to be good, you need to be the best. This commitment to improvement is the only way that allows us to face new challenges every day. Because in the next 40 years, we want to once again be ready to achieve new milestones and amaze those in front of us."