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Profiles for every need

Lambert has a long experience in the production of technical and decorative metal profiles. It has been active for decades in the interior furniture sector, in furnishing accessories, furniture for the community, bars, shops, doors, LED systems and contracts in general. they are generally anodized, pre-lacquered aluminum, stainless steel, brass, all with protective film. The surface finishes can be bright, satin, scratched, brushed and hammered, while the LED systems are customizable and are made with the most modern electronic solutions.

  • profiles proposed by Lambert

An exhaustive range

The Lambert range includes: profiles for edging door-doors, pre-finished perimeter frames; glazing bead profiles for doors - doors; self-adhesive decorative threads or with shank to be inserted in the milling; tapes for edge banding machines; aluminum - wood profiles for the construction of doors - doors; pre-anodized or pre-lacquered aluminum strips "made to measure", micro-perforated anodized aluminum strips, anodized aluminum formats. The thicknesses normally used vary from 0.3 mm to 1 mm and generally depend on the specific applications of the product. Lambert's standard production takes place in 3 meter long bars and the company is able to make cuts to the customer's request and provide special processing.