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  • Rehau profiles and edges

Edges for all types of processing

Rehau, a leading company in the development of components for the furniture industry, reorganizes and extends its range of Raukantex edges. Including solutions suitable for all jointless edge banding technologies, a new edge with a layer of glue already prepared in standard colors and a classic glue solution, the three lines of polymeric Rehau edges satisfy any need in terms of design and processing, offering to furniture manufacturers the highest levels of quality and aesthetics and a single reference partner in the supply of edges. In the past years, laser welding of edges has affected almost all areas of the furniture sector. Realizing from the beginning the enormous potential of this technology, Rehau was the first provider on the market to develop a pure polymer edging solution - Raukantex laser edge - also compatible with the technologies that appeared later to allow joining edge and panel, without joints or glues, and to optimize production processes. Raukantex laser edge is then renamed Raukantex pro, indicating the family of edges suitable for all types of processing, from laser and hot air, from plasma to infrared (NIR: Near Infrared Radiation). The special functional polymeric layer of Raukantex pro, in a chromatic combination on the visible side of the edge, melts in an optimal way in all casting processes, allowing to obtain a perfect union with an almost invisible joint.

  • Rehau edges and profiles

Rehau upstand

Furthermore, Rehau reinterprets the splashback element with Rauwalon perfect-line, the new range of wall sealing profiles with an invisible zero-joint effect that defines new standards for the design and construction of kitchen furniture. The result of the collaboration with Selb university students, the new line of Rehau backsplashes creates a perfect aesthetic continuity between the worktop and the wall, without neglecting the protective aspect of this element, for functional kitchens with attention to the smallest details. Compared to traditional systems, Rauwalon perfect-line develops an unparalleled aesthetic harmony and a surprising continuous surface effect, thanks to an extremely thin lower lip, while the standard-sized upper sealing lip compensates for any irregularities in the wall. Rauwalon perfect-line perfectly matches the worktops of leading manufacturers such as Egger, Kronospan and Pfleiderer. Rehau is, in fact, the only supplier of kitchen furniture components to offer seven different types of surfaces - from standard, matt and glossy to matt and embossed lacquered ones - a range of forty standard design solutions and more than eight hundred decors , allowing you to choose according to your design needs, for kitchens with attention to the smallest details.