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The FlameSelect technology applied to the hob Bosch

The FlameSelect system Bosch è a revolutionary technology applied to gas cooktops.
The system consists of a noveltyà worldwide, as it allows you to adjust in way never seen before, l& # 39;-intensity 26-agrave; of the flame.
With conventional gas hobs, in fact, the heat is adjusted " eye, quite loosely, based più that another on& # 39; experience and l& # 39; habit.
Ci&memorize options often it leads to incorrect cooking, dishes not perfect and little chefs happy!

FlameSelect with Bosch technology, however, thanks to the knob with 9 different power levels, è posibile adjust& # 39;-intensity 26-agrave; the ad hoc flame.
The different intensityà They are almost imperceptible but allow you to achieve the right degree of heat and then cook them properly and uniformly any kind of food.


Perfect heat control with hob Bosch

On some models, like the glass-ceramic cooktop Bosch gas, è present a useful and intuitive display that allows to control the temperature during the cooking phase, but also the residual temperature that continues to emanate off the burner.
In this way the cooking times are fully complied with, for a perfect result!
The stove-pu&memorize options then reach control levels equal to those of a  hobs; induction or electrical

Hobs Bosch gas FlameSelect technology are not only functional and technologically innovative, but also have an attractive design thanks to the più form; thin that it gives it a clean, linear look.
It blends perfectly with any work plane and are Available are in materials such as white tempered glass, black or stainless steel.
Besides the ergonomic handles are easy to grip and to use and cast iron grills elegant and versatile, they are dishwasher safe.