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Candy Group in FTK Technology for the Kitchen

Candy Group ready for Eurocucina 2016 confirms its considerable commitment to Kitchen Market. Last year, the group has made significant investments in the renewal of the production lines, further enhancing performance and efficiency of prodotti.Nellambito of 1200 square meters exhibition in Hall FTK Technology for the Kitchen, Candy Group will exhibit the important novelty of its brand Candy, Hoover and Rosires who will give the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. On the one hand, himself will elicit all the typical values u200bu200bof the tradition of Italian cuisine (Candy), than the French (Rosires) and the technological one (Hoover), dallaltro, to act as a link between all brands, will leading technological innovation expressed through connectivity applied to household appliances. The three display areas will be distinct with different communication codes to represent individual positions of the marks. Candy will propose a new range of ovens, from large-capacity or double cavity, the self-cleaning double-cleaning system: water and pyrolytic; a line of electronically controlled refrigerators and hobs and hoods that express the best of Italian design.

  • Vanity Hoover

Aesthetics and functionality in home appliances

An example oven Candy Elite (first picture), which presents unestetica top of the range, with double finish of chrome and satin materials. The maxi capacity takes advantage of up to five levels simultaneously. In the dual cavity models, you can simultaneously cook two different dishes being able to manage different types of cooking in terms of temperature, time and program and without mixing odors. The new electronic interfaces allow easy and intuitive management of the two cavit.Invece Hoover brand by strongly hi-tech character, they will propose a completely new look, both from a technological point of view of design. While, in fact, will be exhibited innovative features specific to the product, as probes for temperature control or pre-loaded recipes practices on the furnaces, dallaltro Hoover bent on conquering users with six new complete collections, different in style and designs, which highlight the technological wizard collection, the only entirely composed of connected appliances, elelegante collection Vanity (second image), made of glass and steel and dedicated to consumers as well design.