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E 'was inaugurated in Milan "Candy House", dall1 May to 30 June at the space DOME Milan Interior of Via San Marco 1. In the Expo in Milan and Advent of people from all over the world, Candy opened a space in the center to experience the audience a moment to relax, to experience new products and attend appointments on dellalimentazione themes, good food and live house with a italiano.Candy style, which this year celebrates 70 years since its foundation allestir the house of Candy space with the products of simply-Fi line, the first full range of built-in appliances and not (fridge, oven, washing machine, dishwasher and stove) manageable even from outside the home with a simple App. it is the most innovative companys products that combine efficiency, ease duso and technology, to cook, wash and store in full Italian style. Candy has sullesperienza and with important partners such as Scavolini, Finish, Domestic Services & General Italian, Columbus Logistics, La Reggia Di Monza and the Consortium Villa Reale in Monza Park and to support activities that will animate House Candy.

  • dishwashers Candy

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Candy House is open every day, from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 to 19.30 for those who want to enjoy a moment of relaxation in a comfortable and cozy lounge with free wifi. Candy House offers an important calendar of events and appointments, even for families and children. The blogger Monny B curer the Good Being able to weekly appointments, and will respond to the curiosity of the guests on the themes of home, food and technology. It will also be hosted presentations of the most important publishing novelties, related to the current issues of Expo. The complete program will be available and updated on the website and on social channels companys.