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built-in oven

Major developments in the field of embedded ovens, thanks to the contribution of brands such as Gorenje, which introduced the 'innovative oven Superior, with touchscreen controls, designed by the company to facilitate the preparation of any piatto.Il large display, intuitive and colorful mini images of dishes, allows in a totally intuitive understand what you want to select. The possiblit to associate actions to an image, selecting them directly with a touch of your fingers on a display, allows you to interact directly with the oven, making it more simple the act of cooking. Superior boasts up to 80 pre-programmed dishes that can cook independently, 150 memory slots available to program your favorite dishes and a special option that enable you to set up to three cooking stages with custom settings.

  • Gorenje ovens

Built-in oven Gorenje Superior

The vaulted design called HomeMADE, joined the walls and the rounded corners, favors a more efficient circulation and an even distribution of heat inside, thus ensuring an optimal cooking and a perfect golden brown. Gorenje has designed the innovative form protected by patent HomeMADE inspired by the traditional wood-burning ovens. The HomeMADE form allows you to cook at home with professional results. In combination with the ventilation system MultiFlow 360?, This oven allows a better cooking of the food, thanks to the uniform distribution of the heat on all 5 levels. Laria evenly spread throughout the volume of the oven and allows simultaneous cooking on several levels without the worry that the odors and flavors of different foods from mixing. The combination of the functions Multiflow 360 and Homemade makes Gorenje ovens capable of reaching harder lobbiettivo: the preparation of five different dishes at once preserving intact the smells and flavors of the different dishes (lintelligente distribution d air ensures even cooking in each level, there given by the volume of the largest compartment of the standard oven) .For about BigSpace solution of this oven among the bigger the market, with a capacity of 75 liters. The chamber of 59.5 cm amplitude provides 15 # 37 for most of the cooking surface. Since the amount of food to be heated influences the energy consumption, they have been eliminated all unnecessary spaces to prevent energy loss and reduce the time required to reach the set temperature. By virtue of these features the recessed Gorenje ovens are classified in energy class A.