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  • Siemens built-in appliances

Top functionality for built-in appliances

Today's cuisine must respond to increasingly specific and varied requests; the task of household appliances, therefore, consists in facilitating the daily life of those who use them. At the same time they must be impeccable in the line, as well as perfect in the results. Siemens built-in appliances have always stood out for their modern and captivating design and are recognized for the highest quality materials and cutting-edge performance.

  • Siemens built-in refrigerator

Refrigerators that preserve quality

Various combinations for innovative design solutions, state-of-the-art technologies and functions, energy efficiency in class A, maxi volumes: even in the cold, Siemens stands out for its competence and completeness of proposals. elegant even in the interior. Previously they only had to cool, today Siemens built-in refrigerators improve life.