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Siemens built-in appliances

Siemens has always been a point of reference for designers and planners who intend to purchase high quality built-in appliances

Siemens knows that if materials and design make up the element to give shape to the furniture, the components can make the difference between an excellent mobile qualities and one that only appears beautiful. The hobs Siemens created to satisfy customer needs and more demanding users. With innovative technologies and appropriate monitoring tools, Siemens produces hobs of impeccable quality and a reference for the industry and the craftsman of the cabinet with its wide range of components. Siemens on the market among the leaders in the manufacture of components for the furniture The industry, which caters to a wide range of cooking surfaces. From design to production, to the development of the piece, Siemens acts in contact with the customer: it guarantees us the hobs that lend themselves to the specific function. Best certifications ensure the quality of the wide range of Hobs Siemens signature.