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  • KitchenAid refrigerator inasso

Fridge and wine coolers recessed

Vertigo KitchenAid's new range of refrigerators and wine coolers. Characterized by a unique performance, it is an important link in relations between the authentic values u200bu200bof KitchenAid elinnovativo design that identifies its aesthetics. Our use of sophisticated materials and the pawl with the logo and the date inside of refrigerators are just some of the distinctive elements. The new refrigerators and cellars Vertigo, elegant and functional, were in fact designed to integrate into any type of cuisine, according to the different needs and personal taste: double refrigerator, single cellar, combination refrigerator-cellar.

  • built-in refrigerator

built-in refrigerator

Vertigo offered in the free-standing version or built-in, total or flush disappeared. In most, the refrigerator by large recessed for the first time meets the European measures: an absolute novelty that makes this product even more unique and exclusive. The range is now enhanced by a new format: the refrigerators Vertigo will be available also 75cm! KitchenAid studying its appliances by ensuring professional performance, flexibility and creativity that are in fact also the hallmarks of the new furnace Twelix Artisan, which thanks to its revolutionary features will leave everyone speechless! E 'it characterized by a number of optional accessories and three methods of different standard convention cooking, steam combination cooking, and steam only here because Twelix Artisan perfect laiutante to expand the possibilities in the kitchen offering the most flexible technology and advanced.