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cutting-edge technologies for refrigerator flush

Panasonic extends its range of combined refrigerator with the new models of BN31 Series, which keep fresh food, with preservation techniques avanzate.Allinterno conventional refrigerators, often, the air too dry to maintain good fruit and vegetables . To overcome this problem, the sub Fresh refrigerators Case Panasonic incorporates a moisture regulator that prevents the dehydration of food and prevents the loss of vitamins and essential nutrients. To this, is added the Chill drawer which keeps the temperature close to 0, creating optimal environment for preserving meat and fish with maximum freshness. Bacteria filter HygieneAir finally circulates cold and clean air, coming from three different points, and creates a continuous flow of air that gets a disinfecting effect of 99.9 # 37. Panasonic has also introduced two new models of the B53 series, belonging to the range of fridge Side-By-Side.

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A functional space management

The combination of Panasonic BN31 Series have been designed to better manage the internal spaces. The FLEXLIFT solution, for example, a practice exclusive Panasonic solution for the adjustment of the shelves in the refrigerator balcony seats sullanta: to modulate the height, sufficient to slide them on multi-level sliders by pressing a button, no more having to pull out. The SlideNStore shelves, safety glass, are easily removable anchessi and support up to 22kg peso.Panasonic also presented two new models of the B53 series, belonging to the range of fridge Side-By-Side. Panasonic also incorporate smart technologies to preserve the freshness of the food and eliminate harmful bacteria, always optimal energy-filled dellefficienza.