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Burners for cooking

The term "smart" today almost Penalties: the cities, cars, mobile phones and all devices and appliances are "smart". But being smart could also mean making ecological and sustainable choices in their daily lives. Choose for example a kitchen with gas burners instead of electricity a smart choice: read more bills and less dispersion of energia.Sabaf, Italian world leader in the production of components for the gas stove, recently did a study that makes it instantly obvious to anyone the benefits of a choice of this type: to boil a pot with 2 liters of water takes about 7 minutes and 37 liters of gas. Assuming a use per day for a year and considering the cost of a cubic meter of gas, with the gas hob will spend about 11 euro per year of gas! The same calculation for an induction hob would lead us to incur a cost of about 60 Euros, by calculating the consumption and cost of the appliance on standby.

  • Sabaf gas burners

Burner gas cooker

The savings is not the only area that makes our choosing a smart attitude. Not sufficient, for example, choose gas burners for our food, but it is essential that the latter are the most technological as possible: by this element depends on the fact dellenergia dispersion and - consequently a lower production of dioxide carbonica.Sabaf recently put on the market for the latest generation of gas burners, the Series II hE (High Efficiency), which reached # 69 unefficienza average of 37, compared to a minimum of 52 # 37 requested by the European standard EN 30.2 limit .1. This means huge savings in terms of cooking time, CO2 emissions and waste of gas.