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  • Sabaf burners

modern burners

That of the burners a constantly evolving industry. To meet the constant demands, even aesthetic, the market and the culinary traditions of different countries, the most cutting-edge companies, including Sabaf, have developed over time, thanks to technological know-how and a flexibility tailoring production, various models of special burners in terms of design, power and distribution of fiamma.Sabaf one of the world's largest manufacturers of components for household gas cooking and offers exciting new burner models, like Quadro dallinsolita form called by his name, which combines in one product innovative design, reliability, security and performance. A design bursting but a product with excellent performance.

  • Burner Flat Sabaf

Burners for Asian and European markets

instead of thinking about the typical demands of Asian markets, Sabaf has developed the Double Crown Burner Torch (pictured). The special brass burner allows the evolution of the vertical flame, like a torch precisely, thus obtaining an optimal cooking of the food according to the Asian cuisine, more and more appreciated on Western tables. But the enterprise Brescia does not stop at just the mainland market and also looks across the ocean. Burners Simmer (or Dual Stacked), made for the American market, they have an exceptional relationship between minimum and maximum (from 1,000 to 18,000 BTU). This allows to obtain with the same burner is very low temperatures, for example to melt the chocolate, both high and medium temperatures for cooking standard.Tra the latest born at Sabaf figure the burner Flat (second picture), expression of the most recent trend in sector of high range of hobs recessed in Europe. The search for the essential and the required reduction of the visible parts has led us to develop a product of high visual impact ensuring, as always, the best performance and maximum safety duso.