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  • Lithic Digital Design

The exhibition organized by Marmomacc in Milan

Lithic Digital Design, exhibition organized by Marmomacc, designed by Raphael Gallotto in collaboration with seven Italian companies in the marble and open to the public of Milan and the national and international visitors until next May 24, a reflection on the marble, as a natural material It does not play and thus have to be worked on limiting the spread elimpiego energy. New processing technologies can help, if involved in the creative and design process, the production of elements with a strong tridimensionality and complexity with minimum waste of resources. The exhibition aims to highlight, by means of some works, the technological potentials delleccellenza, processing ability and creativity in the stone industry of the beautiful country.

  • marble processing to Lithic Digital Design

Lithic Digital Design

Heir of an ancient tradition in the processing of marble, Litalia is still proposed as a territory which combines design, technology and manufacturing skills. The new computerized mechanical devices and digital design place this ancient material today on a new frontier, beyond which opens a new way of designing and stone work. Lithic Digital Design the first prestigious event of the 50th edition of Marmomacc, International Exhibition of Stone Design and Technology, this year scheduled from September 30 to October 3. The installation, designed by the designer and curator Raffaello Galiotto, was set Nellambito the exhibition-event for Creativity Energy, organized by the magazine Inside at lUniversit of Milan.