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Franke sinks, a rich catalog

Franke è A 26-rdquot; a Swiss manufacturer of home appliances, specializing in the manufacture of stainless steel and nowadays considered a leader in the sector at international level. Realizes systems and solutions for both the kitchen and the bathroom including faucets, sinks, mixers, showers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, hobs. From 2014 to today there are dozens of projects for which this brand is è Partners, located in all parts of the world, from 26-th America, all’ Asia, from the United States all’ Europe. Franke sinks have recently been chosen to complement highly prestigious building projects such as new residences, hotels, and multifunctional haute de gamme complexes; But for a long time they also belong to the common domestic universe, including the Italian one. Franke designs her sinks starting from the consciousness of the 26-rsquo; importance they attach to the kitchen and does not consider them as objects&rdquo ;, bensì Spaces in which to devote themselves to the preparation of the dishes. The catalog has almost 100 models of tanks; A wide range that includes those of square and contemporary shape, the moreù ones; Classical and rounded, those with side or central faucet, single or double tub, small or 26-ugrave; Great for bulky crockery. A così proposal; Rich that è You can not find the typology that meets your needs and your preferences in terms of aesthetics.

Materials: High Quality Steel and Fragranite

All Franke sinks share three features: material excellence, multiple possibilitiesà Installation, wide range of accessories. As far as the materials are concerned, it can be used as a può Choose 26-rsquo; timeless elegance of 26-rsquo; stainless steel or versatileà Of the Fragranite. For the production of the sink tanks it has always been used only AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel, strictly stainless and of exclusive Italian and European origin. Amongst the plus we point to a very high degree of inalterabilityà ;, a satin-finish scratch-proof finish, the highest hygiene thanks to the smooth, porous surface that facilitates cleaning and prevents bacterial proliferation. Instead, Fragranite, Franke's exclusive material, does not crack, splinter, stain and resists thermal shocks. It cleans with extreme easeà And is extremely hygienic thanks to Sanitized treatment, which reduces the proliferation of microbes and bacteria up to 99 # 37. La Fragranite è Available in a 26-rsquo; wide color range ranging from tonalità Neutral to nuance più Warm, with classic black and white trim for contemporary matching.

Various installation options

Franke's cooking tanks are made with high quality 26-agrave raw materials; And make possible different types of installation, which always guarantee maximum praticità And aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the modalità Filotop and semifilo the bathtub integrates perfectly to the top, creating seamless work surfaces of the continuità ;. L’ semiflo installation è Optimal for solid and laminate floors, resin and artificial stone filotop. L’ sub-installation è Ideal for the tanks that disappear in the top kitchen, it is stylistically versatile and is mainly recommended for marble and synthetic materials. Among the other advantages, it is necessary to emphasize the facilità Cleaning and maximum hygiene: l&r, with no angles and edges prevents dust and dirt from depositing. Finally you può Opt for l’ recessed installation with l’ exclusive slim board, distinctive Franke characteristic, also indicated for the mostù contexts; refined.

Accessories for a workspace

Franke sinks meet any need and preference. As for the materials, è You can choose from 26-of-high quality steel 26-agrave; Or Fragranite, the exclusive of the 26-rsquo; company. Various installation types: filotop, semifil, sub-floor and recessed with Slim board. And it does not end there. Any bathtub può Become a real workspace, thanks to the many available accessories, made in line with the latest trends: drumsticks and drumsticks for dividing food; Trays and cutlery made of wood, crystal or special materials to expand work areas; The practical Rollmat, which can be used as a drip and undercut. The result è A nice, functional, efficient and extremely customizable bathtub, which best supports every stage of the preparation of the 26-ugrave; Several dishes.

The three eyelash flowers

Crystal CLV 2010, Franke Box and Aquarius Line: these all’ eyelet flowers of the vast range of Franke's signature sinks. Solutions that best represent the peculiarità Of the different product lines. Crystal CLV 2010 è A stainless steel tank featuring a strict 26-inch aesthetic and combined with two 6 mm thick black or white glass plates designed to strategically hide the overflow and drainage slots. Available in two versions, a maxi-tub or a drip-free drip tray, the Crystal collection includes beacon beams and ambassadors of perfect minimalism for the most 26- ugrave; sought. Franke Box È A mono or double squared tub, elegant and sophisticated, characterized by reduced radii and a triple-chance agrave; (Semifilo, filotop or under top), made simple and intuitive by Fast Fix fastening system. The Aquarium Line tubs are in Fragranite and have shaded shapes and smooth lines: one’ modern interpretation of the traditional and traditional sink. The unique large-size pool è Available in evergreen nuances such as white and black, in Grafite, Oats and in the new Sahara finishing.