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  • lavelloacciaio stainless Barazza

A success such as stainless steel

From Barazza fifty years it offers a complete range of ovens, hobs, hoods, sinks and faucets can be coordinated with the ultimate goal to satisfy demanding users, eager to express their creativity in the kitchen. In this article we focus on sinks, which, like all Barazza products express an aesthetic evolved without losing sight of the proper and smooth conduct of the actions that we do in the kitchen, what the ergonomia.Alla base, you a careful research and development, carried out in an appropriate facility that represents the heart of the company's creativity.

  • stainless steel sink Barazza

Fuoriserie: artisan skills and advanced technologies

The customization, facilitated by the fact of having production in a firing range and washing that makes possible the molding of the elements directly on the top, embraces every aspect of the product, up to understand the elements that require special processes, such as drip edges, bevelled edges and backsplashes. Barazza, with Fuoriserie line able to endow the steel endless forms, using the best artisan skills and technologies.