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Stainless steel sinks

The stainless steel sink has always an optimal solution especially for professional kitchens, but is finding wide use even in areas of normal cooking of Italian homes. The main benefit stainless steel the beat digiene standards that can ensure and its practicality in the sanitation and cleaning operations. Often buy a stainless steel top with cooktop and sink soldered directly so as not to present unsightly joints where you would inevitably difficult to deposit dirt to be removed. Also clean a sink easy and inexpensive stainless steel. Just a microfiber cleaning cloth soaked in warm water for daily cleaning of the surface and, occasionally, a more thorough cleaning with white wine vinegar, to apply and rinse carefully, which render the most brilliant steel it's clean.

stainless lip

Ultimately, there are many suppliers of stainless steel sinks to propose it, although there are materials perhaps more contemporary and aesthetically appealing. But lacciaio still remains a durable, functional, hygienic, easy to clean and especially eco-friendly because it can be treated with water and non-polluting products and naturali.Nelle images, stainless steel sinks Foster, a specialist in the processing of 'steel. The entire production of Foster made of austenitic steel AISI 304 - 18/10 which, thanks to the high percentage of chromium and nickel, give a particularly bright, great solidity and resistance to rust and corrosion. The availability of built-in versions and finishes very wide.