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  • Barazza sinks

stainless steel sinks

The range of products includes Barazza ovens, cooktops, sinks, faucets, range hoods and accessories with the ultimate objective resides in the demanding consumer satisfaction and eager to express their creativity in the kitchen. Barazza meets the expectations of a demanding and attentive user to changes in taste, designing and producing exclusive products in which innovation styling goes hand in hand with the ability to provide technological answers avant-garde to the daily need.

  • Barazza sinks

Barazza sinks

Barazza sinks stand out for their aesthetic sense evolved and lassoluto ergonomic design, offering greater functionality and a wide range of differentiation: single bowl, double, with or without draining board, come in different shapes and sizes. These sinks are made entirely of stainless steel with a non-porous surface, in delligiene guarantee and maximum corrosion resistance.