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  • Bislapis for natural stone slabs

Bislapis of Remuzzi Marmi features

Bislapis an innovative technology patented by Remuzzi Marmi Bergamo: it is simply an idea for an elegant, sophisticated and a useful means of building products for the design in dellarredo dellabitare.Ma world and analyze the new technology in dettaglioBislapis (from Latin Bis: double and Lapis: stone, literally double stone) technology that allows you to merge natural stone slabs resistance limited, even with different mechanical and physical characteristics of color, reducing the double plate thickness up to only 12 mm to obtain surfaces with greater strength and with a significantly reduced weight compared to the thicknesses currently in use in the natural stones. This gives the opportunity to build structures no longer monolithic, but made of easily assembled and transportable plans thanks to the mounting system developed by the company point.

  • New technology for natural stone slabs

The advantages Bislapis

The procedure and components object of this invention to provide an aesthetically valuable result from any observation angle. The use of monochromatic or plates of different colors and graduations allow play of light and the depth and the possibility to carry out, without any difficulty, a processing of all faces of the material. Daltro hand, Marmi Remuzzi Bergamo boasts deep and consolidated know-how behind it. Established in 1907, historical enterprise in the processing of natural stone. Now in its fourth generation and strong dellesperienza gained over time, it offers today an innovative high-quality product.