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  • Scenario Fenix u200bu200bNTM

Fenix u200bu200bNTM and outstanding color gamut

The innovative project is called Scenario Fenix u200bu200bNTM, the extraordinary nanotechnology material for interior design introduced by Arpa Industriale few years ago, in 2013.Il project was realized in cooperation with designers, photographers and stylists to interpret the properties avanguardiardistiche the material, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality and creating new design timeless stories. The project was curated by Marina designers and Sarah de The Traditional, with photography by Francesca Iovene.

  • Arpa Industriale Fenix u200bu200bNTM

The Project Scenario

So what is it exactly? Scenario by Fenix u200bu200bNTM has the color range of nanotechnological material. Five boards in which the colors of the material are combined with everyday objects, developing graphic compositions with high impact. The range of whites White Mal, Kos Black, Alaska White, Gray Gray Gray Ephesus and Bromo, Ingo Black and Pink Colorado, are the background to domestic scenes evocative of the rooms of the house: from the bedroom to the bathroom , from the kitchen all'ufficio.I five clicks express a tale of evocative images and fantasy scenarios, recreated through the use of simple objects that suggest the unique characteristics of the material: the low refection of light, anti fingerprint, Thermal riparabilit of Micrograf, softness to the touch and resistance to solvents and household reagents.