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  • Fenix u200bu200bNTM

Fenix u200bu200bNTM in the museum redevelopment project

Allultimo Fuorisalone del Mobile Arpa Industriale and Pozzi Group have developed exclusively for the Pinacoteca di Brera prototype of a new seat, designed for viewing large size paintings. The seat made from FENIX NTM, the material nanotechnology ultra performance Arpa Industriale, designed by Simone Carminati Davide of Pozzi.Si Group is a bench with four seats characterized by an iconic and minimal design, clean lines, symmetry and great functionality. designed for viewing large paintings and allows also to those who are behind him to clearly read the captions of opere.Il concept of sitting esinserisce born in the draft redevelopment of the Art Gallery, strongly backed by the director James Bradburne, to allow the public to be not only visitors but true local user.

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Wood and Fenix u200bu200bNTM

The structure of the wooden bench and FENIX NTM London gray, covered with an elegant red velvet fabric in contrast, which is combined with the other sessions of the Art Gallery. Visitors to the Gallery can take advantage of the prototype placed in the room VIII, dedicated to the Venetian paintings of the fifteenth century, before AllOpera "The Preaching of Saint Mark in Alexandria of Egypt" by Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, and have the opportunity to further express their own comments.