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Fenix u200bu200bNTM

Fenix u200bu200bNTM, the nanotechnology ultra performance material Arpa Industriale arrives in Brera, in a seat designed for viewing large size ...

The facilities in the Group Pozzi combine technical innovation and design stone: we will ensure a diverse range of possible destinations of use. The furniture in the Pozzi Group Stone are so versatile and guarantee superior performance and integrates seamlessly with mobile, improving its' appearance and use. Group Pozzi company among the leaders in the manufacture of stone furniture for the furniture The industry, so synonymous with excellence, both in products and in services guaranteed. For Group Pozzi every design step that leads to the development of a product is carried out with care, from the preliminary concept through to production, to propose stone furnishings that foster the best customization by the client companies. It makes it the suitable supplier for those developing products with high quality standards. The Pozzi Group in stone furniture can give answer to those who want to create environments with a personalized style without putting aside a very effective technology.