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  • Oversized plates Laminam

ceramic slabs 1600x3200 mm

Laminam, among the largest companies specializing in the production of ceramic tiles of large size and minimum thickness for the architecture, interiors and design, is presented to the Marmomacc of Verona, who tomorrow begins September 30 and ends on October 3, with a stand of 160 square meters designed dallart director Alessandra Stefani: futuristic minimal unambientazione to unveil the latest novelties and allocchiello flower brand new series of extra plates large.Lazienda founded by Franco Stefani therefore not stops and always ready for new challenges launching a new product, the sheets 1600x3200 mm with thicknesses from 6 to 20 mm, baked by the fourth production line in July 2015 is added to the 3 pre-existing. The large areas, regular and without faults even in oversized dimensions, are made through the new system Gea press, production strength and heart point Laminam, whose advanced press technology providing for the establishment of the powders directly to tape without the usage of trolleys dedicated: the slab thus devoid of any tension and free to expand, with a reduction in energy consumption of 50 # 37 compared to conventional pressing systems, and a manufacturing process which provides for the recovery of all the materials used in the cycle.

  • Laminam extra large slabs

Why choose extra-large plates

Innovation and environmental sustainability will then meet with the energy creative and sophisticated language that distinguishes all Laminam collections for the new series are designed extra-large five families of textures inspired by elements such as concrete, marble, wood, oxidized iron and filled regions filled declined in different colors, for a total of 14 finishes whose evocative power is enhanced to the maximum by the sculptural dimensions of the sheet. Functionally, the new 1600x3200 mm series increase the degrees of freedom of the material widening the range of possible applications further, addressing simultaneously to delledilizia sector for ventilated facades, where the larger size involve the reduction of the number of joints between the panels and then the potential infiltration of rainwater as well as a better visual continuity, and in the world dellarredo design, in particular in large kitchens of the island and high range, where the extra-large ceramic slabs are offered alternatively in materials like marble and gravestones from the cost and much higher ecological dallimpatto.