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Bislapis for natural stone slabs

Bislapis a technology patented by Remuzzi Marbles, which allows to obtain a composite material formed by a pair of natural stone plates of reduced ...

The Remuzzi Marble stone furniture know how to respond to those who are going to shape environments with a personal style without giving up a guaranteed technology. Marbles Remuzzi a brand among the leaders in the production of stone furniture for furnishing The industry, for which high-level stands, both in articles and in the services offered. The stone furnishings Remuzzi Marbles are very versatile and ensure high performance, integrating perfectly with mobile, increasing its aesthetic value and role. This makes it the appropriate partner for those who want items by high quality standards. For Marbles Remuzzi each step of the project that guides the development of a component is developed with care, from initial concept through to production, to propose stone furniture that facilitate greater customization by customers. The facilities in Marble Remuzzi mix stone technology and aesthetic value: this ensures a diverse range of possible destinations of use.