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  • Wood paint Sayerlack Feel Silk

A new matte acrylic finish

As with all sectors, even the d’ interior è design; Characterized by trends that do not fall into the 26-rsquo; bow of a season and indeed grow stronger over time, gaining increasing consensus. One of these comes back to extremely opaque surfaces but embellished with the sophistication of the materials used and a remarkable soft feel to the touch. The polished nonè Tramonto, però Certainly remains a step back. And to align itself with this trend, to bring it to its utmost expression, Sayerlack has developed the new opaque transparent acrylic finish for wood TZL3731 / 00 Silky Feel, designed for flat parts of furniture. Strength points? Give to the matericità surfaces; And tactile softness comparable to that of silk. L’ opacityà It gets hot and the touch is extremely smooth and natural. Silky Feel exalts the veins and shades of dark or dark colored woods, but also more than 26-ugrave; clear; è Available in a 26-rsquo; wide color range, therefore suitable for a wide variety of furnishing items. Renovating and enhancing the environments of your own home becomes così Easy and fun; A way to test your own creativityà And further customize the 26-rsquo; home universe.

  • Wood paint Sayerlack Feel Silk

A soft, velvety and durable paint

Since 1866, Sherwin-Williams has provided manufacturers and painters with the varnishes needed to improve the appearance of artifacts and extend their life. L’ constant innovation, 26-th technological and stylistic evolution, research and development, combined with the capacità To listen to customer needs, have made Sherwin-Williams a point of reference in the field of industrial paints for wood, glass, metal and plastic. In 2010, the Group acquired the recognized international brands Sayerlack and Becker Acroma; Just Sayerlack has cut a new production line with the launch of TZL3731 / 00 Silky Feel, a new wood paint that combines velvety tone and soft touch with a great surface hardness, a low writeà And high chemical resistance. The tonalità Matt, while being very in vogue, in some cases it may be damped; Silky Feel, with its effect, gives a feeling of warmth and creates an effect of great elegance. A 26-rdquo; elegance for the 26-ograve; Minimal and discrete, almost basic. The result è A’ tactile, sophisticated and sophisticated experience.

  • Wood paint Sayerlack Feel Silk

Silky Feel for light and dark essences

The Sayerlack brand, now part of the Sherwin-Williams Group, has been presenting and implementing innovative wood treatment and finishing solutions for over 60 years. The success achieved so far has to be found finds its key to tradition and innovation. In 1988 Sayerlack è Was the first company in Italy to produce water based paints; Today it continues its path to meet the changing demands of compatibilità Environmental, performance and innovation of its customers. Sayerlack's products are suitable for all areas of woodwork: from furniture to carpentry, from outdoor structures to garden furnishings, from all-aluminum construction yards, from car interior to musical instruments. The new finish TZL3731 / 00 Silky Feel è Applicable to spraying and velvet on various light and dark essences, even thermocontracts, with acrylic background treatment. E’ Use the TH0784 / 00 catalyst at 20 # 37 and diluent DT0090 / 00 at about 40 # 37. A small quantità Of spray applied product on varnished wood with PE, acrylic, PU or bicomponent UV, è Enough to give the surface a gorgeous matte effect and a soft touch to the touch. The acrylic formula provides a 26-rsquo; excellent all’ exposure to light (so the surfaces do not discolor, regardless of tonalità) and significant physical-chemical resistances, even applying low thicknesses .