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Falmec Technologically advanced tilt hoods

The hood is an indispensable household appliance in the kitchen: it eliminates the fumes, vapors and odors that emanate when cooking food and makes the environment free from polluting substances. In other words, it constantly cleanses the air in the kitchen and translates into a 360 degree well-being. Among the most famous and well-liked manufacturers of hoods Falmec, born in 1981 in Vittorio Veneto in the province of Treviso and now operating internationally. The Falmec hoods are technologically innovative, characterized by a contemporary design and refined and made of precious materials. Made in Italy to 100 percent, guarantee excellent performance and constant energy efficiency. Falmec owes its success to continuous research aimed at perfecting its products, making them even more practical and aesthetically appealing. It is a brand that intercepts industry trends timely, translating them into always interesting proposals. And with regard to trend, for some time the sloping and flat wall caps are being widened, adapting to any style and, thanks to a small footprint, allow a considerable freedom of movement. They are functional, reliable and at the same time decorative. Falmec then presented two quality specimens: Trim and Verso. Both characterized by stylistic cleansing, geometric rigor, great efficiency and ease of use.

  • trim falmec hood

Falmec Trim Hood

The ever-changing hood market. Design has acquired the same importance as pure functionality, resulting in aesthetics now on the same level as power, low noise, and ease of cleaning. The hood is an appliance and a decorative element, and better than others it becomes an interpreter of personal taste in image. The two new wall tiles presented by Falmec, Trim and Falmec, are satisfactory from every point of view. They purify the air and have a remarkable appeal. The Trim hood, in particular, appreciated primarily for its eclecticism; In fact, many personalized solutions are possible. Inside the 90cm openable front panel, glass or ceramic panels or other materials are often used for the kitchen work surface. In terms of performance, Trim provides high quality functionality thanks to the use of a 800 m3 / h engine. Stainless steel trim (AISI 304) with brushed scotch finish and has a front frame in stainless steel but with brushed finish. It is also equipped with electronic control panel, ambient light and LED lighting (the high visibility, therefore, the couple with energy saving), metallic grease filter, removable and washable. At the rear exit option, it is complemented by the optional fireplace. Energy efficiency class A, maximum power consumption of 280 Watt.

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Falmec Hood Verso

The sloping hoods are one of the most recent trends in the industry: they express contemporary taste and at the same time are highly functional ambassadors. Fundamental to the air treatment in the kitchen, give added value to the environment even from the aesthetic point of view. The two sloping hoods proposed by Falmec are Trim and Verso. The latter consists of two superposed glasses that allow the passage of the fumes and are available in two versions, 55 or 85 cm, and in the glossy White and Black finishes. The upper glass pane is openable and adjustable, so if necessary it favors a more powerful aspiration. Verso, like Trim, has a 800 m3 / h engine, LED lighting, a metallic, removable and washable grease filter. Other product features: the double suction area that affects both the lower and the front of the hood; 24-hour touch function button, optional Carbon.Zeo filter and regenerable, carbon filter included. You can choose between four different operating speeds (another point in common with Trim). Energy class A, maximum consumption of 280 Watts. Both the Trim hood and the Falmec hood Verso must be installed at a minimum distance from the electric hob 53 cm. The same recommended distance when using a gas hob.

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