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furniture surfaces

For more than twenty years, Metaflex of renowned national and international companies of the furniture sector partners, with its cutting-edge semi-finished and with its finished products, for which contributes to the design phase and prototyping in a purposeful way. the company known for its ability to customize surfaces creating special shapes, embossed designs and substantial textures and three-dimensional soft lines, eye-catching and impressive. With sheets of veneer wood of different woods and finishes, Metaflex manufactures three product lines: Form Machining (doors, floors, details and accessories to create darredo smooth surfaces, curved or shaped), Wave (wood worked to give three-dimensional effects in endless forms) elultima born Touch (emotions, traces, signs and ideas inspired by Nature, printed and played on surfaces for a truly unique and original).

  • customized furniture surfaces

Panels and surfaces for the furniture-design

Creative Lapporto, advice on feasibility, prototyping and evaluation of costs are always an integral part of the service that Metaflex offers to its target market as part of the surfaces furniture. The study of the company with internal design works, in fact, to solve, independently or in synergy with customers, all problems can be linked to the development and allottimizzazione of products, from raw dellidea phases. But also to design new products and new textures of richiesta.La passion for wood, the knowledge and the culture of this valuable raw material, the availability of the pressing plant, molding and CNC of last generation for the machining of panels, lelevata preparation of qualified technicians: everything in Metaflex oriented towards excellence and maximum satisfaction cliente.Ci like challenges, says the owner of Metaflex, We never tire to innovate, to change skin, to invent new solutions. We are for continuous testing of new products and solutions. AND From this perspective, the most unusual demands of our customers get the opportunity to go further to "know how" experimenting new paths from the surprising result. And just about the amazing results, success have enjoyed the novelty products of Metaflex presented at the recent Sicam 2014, the international Exhibition of components, semi-finished products and accessories for mobile the industry, held in Pordenone October 14 to 17, 2014.

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