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Connector plug Pavanello

Pavanello offers buyers PLUG.IN LIGHT, the detachable connector system, developed to quickly connect any LED light source in the mullion system

Furniture components Pavanello

To achieve this objective Pavanello uses a more novel approach, probing technicians and advanced manufacturing processes. Each step of the project that guides the development of a product is made with care, from the preliminary design up to production, to create products that facilitate maximum customization by customers. so each piece can face up to those who want to give life to environments with a unique style without putting aside a very effective technology. Pavanello company among the leaders in the production of components for the furniture The industry, for which high-level symbol, both in products and in services guaranteed. It allows the space in the most different areas of internal dellarredamento and meet all expectations, from the simplest to the most complex. Cos Pavanello forefront in technology and productivity. It makes it the right partner for the systems The industry of the furniture. Customer demands are challenges to be faced as a growth opportunity. Finalit Pavanello the supply of high-quality components for custom applications, easy and different, which make it the most livable and safe dwelling.