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semi PMT Group

The PMT Group offers big design brands, furniture elements, and for the sector dellarredamento and the frame in general:

Furniture Components Group PMT

To pursue this objective PMT Group adopts a new approach continuously exploring technical and advanced manufacturing processes. Each step of the project that guides the development of a component is developed with care, from the starting concept to realization, to offer products that facilitate the best customization by the customer. so each component can give an answer to those who want to create environments with a unique style without putting aside a very effective technology. This allows for applications in the most diverse contexts dellarredo internal and facilitate any need, from the simplest to the most complex. Group PMT one brand among the main actors in the production of components for the furniture The industry, for which guarantee of quality, both in products and in services offered. In this way the PMT Group continuously forward in technology and performance. This makes it the appropriate partner of systems for The industry of the furniture. Customer needs are challenges to live as a development opportunity. Purpose Group PMT supply components with the highest quality, for custom user destinations, simple and varied, they do the most livable and safe dwelling.