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For years Master Profiles specailizzato in profiles and frames, solid workmanship, wood panels, also with different profiles wrapped decorative


Master Profiles, specializzatra in wooden profiles, counts on a group of close-knit and complementary professional partner Go to the different ...

Furniture Components Master Profiles

The accessories designed by Master profiles have got the main certifications that attest to the undoubted quality. At the request of a constantly evolving market, Master Profiles can answer qualitatively and quickly, for the use of a constant investment policy to constantly modernize manufacturing plants, develop the methods and streamline production processes. Master Profiles in dialogue with design studios, designers and technicians: we allow him to provide accessories truly able to respond to customers' real needs. With a diverse collection of proposals and a widespread distribution, Master Profiles caters industry and the furniture craftsman, which considered authoritative point of reference. Master Profiles holds a recognized leadership role in the market for the use of: modernization, quality of each product, production processes evolved, credibility, reliability in customer service, features developed over years of experience.