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C-LED of Cefla Finishing

C-LED a new company born as a spin-off of Elca Technologies, a company of Cefla Finishing focused on electronic systems for industrial lautomazione, ...

Components for mobile C-Led

Customer needs are challenges to be accepted as a development opportunity. The purpose of C-Led the supply of accessories with the highest quality, to custom destinations, easy and varied, they do the most comfortable and safe home. C-Led a brand among the main actors in the production of accessories for mobile The industry, for which a guarantee of excellence, both in products and in services offered. In this way, C-LEDs always one step ahead in technology and productivity. It makes it the right partner of systems for mobile The industry. Each phase of the project that guides the development of a product is done with care, from the preliminary design up to production, to offer products that allow better customization by customers. It allows the space in the most different areas of internal dellarredamento and satisfy every expectation, from the simplest to the most complex. in this way each component can respond to those who plan to design environments with a personal style without putting aside a guaranteed technique. To achieve this result, C-Led uses a more novel approach, exploring technical and advanced manufacturing processes.