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  • C-LED of Cefla Finishing

The new lighting partner

Cefla opens to dellilluminazione market, presenting itself as the partner companies that operate in particular in dellinterior design, industrial dellilluminazione, visual merchandising and public outdoor dellilluminazione. He does it with C-LED: a new company born as a spin-off of Elca Technologies, another company of Cefla specializes in electronic systems for industrial lautomazione, medical devices and illuminazione.La new reality brings with it the great know-how grown over the years in their own breast to ELCA, where advanced lighting technologies have been developed, in particular for the Medical field. The propensity to innovate, the availability of an advanced production line and efficient, the result dellesperienza Cefla nellefficienza of production processes, offer C-LED competitive advantages. Added to these are real plus that are sure to attract the attention of customers: a rigorous quality policy, the ability to fulfill requests for customization and speed of delivery of the products since the Order.

  • Cefla C-LED

The C-LED mission

The mission of C-LED - explains Eros Nanni, general director of Cefla - nellilluminazione accelerate innovation through the development of technology and the most cutting-edge production techniques, which are able to anticipate the market and its most ambitious demands. Our goal - said Eros Nanni - to grow this reality while respecting the values u200bu200bof Cefla, providing lighting solutions to market high-quality and reliable in tempo.C-LED has organically highly specialized staff - we he explains the director Enzo Cuoghi who, previously, he held the baton of Elca Technologies. For several years - continues Cuoghi - work in this area, and this a very important stage in my working life, since it embodies a path born more than a year ago, mainly due to property and to the direction of Cefla who believed in this project by providing support and trust in me and my new team. Of course also thanks to all the staff of C-LED with great enthusiasm and determination is contributing to the development of the new reality ".A C-LED will also be entrusted with the development of Beacon sensors that exploit the Bluetooth Low Energy BLE , and the proximity marketing technology to geo-locate people in an indoor space and send personalized messages to profiled users. and another area on which Cefla is investing in a particular way, being also a leader in the field of exhibition equipment in industry retail and mass retailers, with Business Unit Shopfitting.

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