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Purchasing offices and designers know Metaflex for its ability to customize surfaces creating special shapes, embossed designs and substantial ...

Furniture components Metaflex

The needs of client companies represent challenges to be accepted as a growth opportunity. Target of Metaflex the offer of elements of high quality, customized to user destinations, easy and flexible, to make the most comfortable and safe home. Metaflex an entrepreneurial reality among the main actors in the production of components for the furniture The industry, so synonymous with reliability, both in products and in services guaranteed. In this way Metaflex constantly one step ahead in technology and efficiency. This makes it the appropriate vendor of systems for The industry of the furniture. Each design step that leads to the development of an article takes place with care, from the starting concept up to the realization, to create products that facilitate the maximum customization by the client companies. in this way each product is able to respond to those who want to shape environments with a personalized style without giving up a guaranteed technology. This allows for applications in the most diverse areas dellarredamento interior and satisfy every need, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. To achieve this Metaflex adopts a different approach constantly, researching technical and innovative manufacturing processes.