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furniture components GAGR

GAGR provides architects and professinisti components for custom cabinetry, increasingly important to create unique and comfortable

Furniture components GAGR

GAGR one brand among the leaders in the production of components for the furniture The industry. The finalit of each project? anticipate the needs of customers that require innovative answers quickly and propose specific solutions. The collaboration of design studios, designers and technicians allows to propose components actually able to satisfy the real demands of customers, with whom GAGR has an ongoing dialogue. Durability which GAGR guarantee also underlined by the many certifications obtained from each component company, which complies with the rules in force. The entrepreneurial spirit, combined with expertise in which he has always invested make it an authoritative partner for the industrial reality of the furniture sector, thanks to the variety of components for specific applications, that satisfy the most different needs. Active on the market for some time, GAGR supplies industry and the furniture craftsman with a complete collection of components. The components designed by GAGR are created thanks to investments in research and development, which allow GAGR to propose new materials and finishes, and create new combinations, as well as to make progress the production processes. The development in each process, the experience of a passionate team, the spirit of initiative, research and invention are the cornerstones that have always distinguished GAGR, they will lead the expansion path and determine its success.