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edging certified laser

Rehau has appointed BBF Giussano certification dellintero laser edging process called Laser Welding Excellence

BBF panels

Buyers and designers can count on brianzola BBF, a leader in the manufacture of laminated wood panels, advanced materials and lasers and edging with ...

BBF has always specialized in the processing of laminated wood panels, advanced materials and lasers and edging with aluminum edges: the big mobile ...

In selecting the panels, the offices of the big brands always choose more often purchases the laser edging and BBF panels are an excellent solution

Components for furniture BBF

At the request of a market in constant evolution, BBF able to respond effectively and quickly to the use of a continuous political commitment to continually modernize production facilities, develop systems and streamline production processes. With a wide range of models and an accurate distribution, BBF meets the industry and the furniture craftsman, which is considered authoritative authoritative interlocutor. BBF holds in the market an important leadership role in the use of innovation, high-level of each proposal, advanced production methods, credibility, efficiency in service to corporate clients, connotations developed over years of experience. The accessories developed by BBF got the main certifications that guarantee certain quality. BBF dialogue with designers, engineers and technicians enables us to develop the amenities to fully satisfy the real needs of the client companies.