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The origins of the tradition, the momentum towards the future

historic feat, BBF managed with foresight and tenacity by the brothers Filippo Livio, Giancarlo and Nicolette Borgonovo. The company specializes in the manufacturing of laminated wood panels and advanced materials and edging with aluminum edges. Tailored solutions and guarantee the highest quality for the sector furniture-design: it offers this BBF who undertook with determination, over the years, the way to international markets. Even on a global scale, the enterprise brianzola synonymous with high-quality food for the excellence achieved by his clients to end users. The BBF customers are known in the sector furniture-design: high targets, they range dallinterior home design, allufficio, galleys, allarredo Naval and of course the contract. The company produces the semi-finished product, starting from the project, in full cooperation with the clients.

Laser technology, BBF strength

Value added BBF laser technology, which guarantees panels from perfect and impeccable quality looks, plus highly environmentally friendly. But what happens exactly? During machining, the laser melts the polymeric layer on the back side of the coextruded edges, ensuring optimum fastening to the panel and long durata.Il laser edging process does not require glue n, n antiadesivizzanti / cleaning liquid and therefore allows to obtain a eco-friendly production. The eladattabilit resistance of furniture components are significantly increased, while dirt can not penetrate through the joint between the panel and the edge. Besides ensuring unelevata heat resistance and allumidit of panels edged, laser technology makes s that the visible signs dellusura on the furniture are a thing of the past.