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  • BBF laser edged panels

BBF: a guarantee for the quality that customers aspire to

BBF SpA is specialized in the processing of panels in melamine wood, advanced materials and edging with aluminum edges, whose strength is the laser technology, which guarantees complete customer satisfaction, as well as an impeccable service. , successfully managed by the Borgonovo brothers, offers tailor-made solutions for the furniture-design sector: it produces in fact from the semi-finished product to the finished product, starting from the project, in total synergy with the customer. brand outsourced. In fact, there is no doubt about the final result, which is constantly characterized by manufacturing excellence, rapid delivery and cooperation with the customer, from development to delivery of the product. Not for nothing, the company motto is always: Your Excellence, Our Mission.

  • BBF production cycle

Laser technology, an added value

A technology that comes from the future, the laser one normally used by BBF, which allows to obtain excellent aesthetic results and an evident improvement in quality. The latter can be seen with the naked eye: the union between edge and panel without joints produces elements for furniture with a homogeneous aesthetic, of great value. It is a new tactile design that embellishes the furniture. Using a laser PP edging made of eco-friendly material, the color variations of the edging disappear forever. As for lacquered furniture, by using laser-edged panels with an ABS edge for lacquering applied, cost savings are achieved since the invisible junction of the panel “threads” involves less use of coating paint.