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BBF: champion of excellence in the furniture-design sector

When one thinks of Brianza's excellence in the furniture-design sector, one often focuses solely and exclusively on manufacturers of furniture, sofas, coffee tables, kitchens ... Which is not correct! The companies that represent the 'base' of this production, ie those who manufacture the components and semi-finished products, are equally important and excellent. Not just suppliers, but real partners of those who have made Italian design furniture famous in the world. Companies that offer advice, advice and maximum reliability as well as simple production. Among these stands out the BBF of Giussano, specialized in the processing of panels in melamine wood, advanced materials and laser edging and with aluminum edges that in this interview, among other things, talks to us about its collaboration with the German leader in edgebanding machines. Ima. BBF is led by the brothers Filippo Livio, Giancarlo and Nicoletta Borgonovo, to whom we submitted our questions. How did you start your collaboration with Ima? "We started our cooperation with the German company with a small semiautomatic edgebander for the shaped, a rather artisanal machine, so we introduced a classic Advantage single-sided edgebander to the company. Later, we opted for a specific edgebander for our needs that Ima has made to measure for edging with aluminum edge on aluminum honeycomb panel, with groups sanding and high performance insertion systems ". Later, if I am not mistaken, you bought a real "jewel" from Ima ... "True! Shortly after we bought a beading team line, a 310 machining center and, icing on the cake, the laser system which replaced the double squaring-edgebanding plant which gave a good level of productivity which, however, with the current fragmentation of the batches, did not ensure a suitable result: currently, the two single-sided edgebanders in sequence can work the panel in batch one at maximum speed on two sides with a high laser power and the passage of the piece on the two lines. "

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All the pluses of laser technology

The distinctive feature of BBF is the use of laser technology. We ask the owners to explain to us exactly the reasons that led them to focus on this technology. "The decision to opt for laser technology - the Borgonovo brothers point out - does not originate from a market need, but derives from our choice to offer something more to our customer who requires high quality products and these are obtained precisely with laser technology. However, 50 # 37 of companies in the sector do not know exactly what laser is. The benefit of the laser is perceived, but it is difficult to propose directly to the client who is blocked by the fear of high prices. Only when the customer realizes the high quality of the product and the absence of the leak is he ready to pay a higher price "At this point a question arises: who are BBF's customers?" Our customers are high-end and they understand well the quality of the products and the aesthetic level guaranteed by the laser. These customers are looking for quality at the right price and with the correct guarantees of consistency over time. Another aspect that attracts these high-level clients is the elimination of glue, a not negligible issue both in terms of production line management and environmental impact ". The technologically advanced KFA machine ensures a higher quality finish than that previously obtained together with the possibility of working in batch one, batch ten, batch fifty. "If you have new plants you can operate just in time, alternatively you are forced to stock products subject to rapid changes in market trends which risk being left unsold." say the owners of BBF.

  • BBF and Ima

The collaboration with Ima

We ask the Borgonovo brothers: Why did you choose Ima among the various companies available on the market? A few numbers: batch one at thirty meters per minute, twenty-five pieces per minute, which is why Ima is at the top and the competitors with us had no hope. " But what are, technically, the advantages of Ima machines? Umberto Rivolta of Ima Italia answers us directly. "It is essential to create the groups in a certain way: on a machine that processes large batches, it is also possible to waste time on setting up, on a machine that performs batch one or small batches the quality of the processing must be continuous, with automatic change without loss of quality. In this context, the movements of the groups are numerous, the groups themselves are subjected to even stronger stresses, and therefore they must be able to bear them without losing quality. The machine is made even more efficient by the management of the bar code that is applied to the first and last panel, from here the automatic sorting phase is entered by means of shuttles with a minimum use of personnel. The sectioned stacks are unloaded from the truck and sorted by the machines. The Borgonovo brothers conclude our interview: "We always apply our claim" Your excellence, our mission "towards our customers, but it is also valid for Ima towards BBF, of course!"