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edging laser

BBF SpA, also this year, has received from Rehau, a leading manufacturer of edges the certificate attesting to the excellence of his laser edging for furniture-design.Rehau sector, in order to further support its partners, has put available its expertise to create a new certification program dellintero laser edging process: laser Welding Excellence. The Laser Welding Excellence program is divided into two classes of certification: General class furniture, Kitchen furniture class. It consists of a series of tests and evaluations, on a quarterly basis, which are designed to evaluate and make a precise picture of the quality achieved in the production process by the participating partners alliniziativa, in accordance with the most stringent current test in the world of mobile.Il final certificate, obtained by BBF, you want to be an additional tool to ensure dellelevata quality of finished components with laser edging.

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Panels edged laser

BBF Giussano specialized in the manufacturing of laminated wood panels, advanced materials and laser edging and with aluminum edges. BBF, managed with tenacity and foresight by Borgonovo brothers, offers customized solutions for the sector furniture-design: it produces the semi-finished product, starting from the project, in synergy with the customer. That's why many customers have already entrusted to BBF. SpA their brand in outsourcing.Non will no doubt, in fact, the final result, which constantly Wergeland delleccellenza production, quick delivery and cooperation with the customer, developing and delivering the product. The laser technology normally used by BBF gives excellent aesthetic results and an obvious improvement in quality, visible to the naked eye: Strobe-edge and panel without joints produces Furniture component homogeneous dallestetica, of great value. It is a new tactile design that enhances quality larredo.Una made even more intense through numerous and continuous technological / productive investments.