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advanced technologies to the performance of the mobile service

The PMT Group a Venetian Industrial fact that since 1962 produces semi-finished products for the furniture industry, dellarredamento and windows and doors. The development of cutting edge technologies, the increase of skills and the creation of a solid and flexible structure has allowed us to constantly expand the range of products and services, playing more and more precisely the needs of a large customer base and differenziata.Con three production centers and over one hundred and fifty employees, PMT faces with the same determination and efficiency is the largest order both small particular supplies.

  • furniture elements Grupo PMT

Panels, components, semi-finished and not just

The selection of products from the PMT group covers the industrys needs of the mobile and extends from sandwich panels for the doors and cabinet doors up to the comprehensive facilities of modern and classic wardrobes, bathrooms and kitchens, table tops, panels at exhibitions and chipboard, MDF, plywood and melamine. Our use exclusive of selected materials and environmentally friendly processes the allocchiello flower ever production of high quality, strictly controlled to adhere to the highest standards and in compliance with ECO-ICILA certifications, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSC .

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