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  • Connector plug Pavanello

When light and furniture blend

Stop in electrical wires exposed, obnoxious, but that sometimes can not be avoided! Pavanello offers PLUG.IN LIGHT, the revolutionary new plug connector system developed to connect quickly any LED light source in the system to the studs, to equip domestic and exhibition spaces walls, avoiding problematic steps and unsightly cables elettrici.La versatility of this product makes that in a few seconds, simply by moving the shelves from a position, at the other there are infinite possibilities of composition.

  • Pavanello plug connector

specific products

The innovative plug-in connector system also Pavanello result of over twenty years of experience in the design and production of technical articles for the furniture industry negozi.La realization of products designed specifically for the needs of customers is the point of force, as well as the vocation of the enterprise Treviso that, over time, managed to penetrate the market with innovative components, functional and quality. Since 2010, thanks to the new partnership with DUEGI Light, Pavanello also develops accessories illuminated with LED technology.

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