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Decobel house velvet

Velvet among the most beautiful and precious fabrics. Its history begins in the 13th century; it roots its roots in the East, for the sake of accuracy in the area between Central Asia, Iran and Iraq. The velvet has always been synonymous with elegance, richness and versatility: from the earliest times it has been used not only to make garments, but also to enhance walls, floors, furniture, accessories and objects. It has never lost its charm, even today it is more than ever the protagonist of the world of furniture. This is well demonstrated by Decobel, the leader in velvet production, the spokeswoman for Made in Italy worldwide. This brand successfully manufactures a wide range of products that embrace every stylistic mood, classy clothes, and can be used transversally as well as original. Core business of Decobel, velvet gives a glamorous look to any surface and is declined according to all the trends of the moment. Among the most appreciated proposals are the fantasies Dark botanical or Dark Floreal: the protagonist of nature, s, but represented in a chic and innovative way. Bella 4110 velvet (65 # 37VI 27 # 37CO 8 # 37PL) and Bakul 4112 (65 # 37VI 27 # 37CO 8 # 37PL), in particular, feature a natural and natural pattern in dark colors and a night-time atmosphere: is played on the contrast between the vibrancy of colors and the black background, blue tinted and urban gray architectural inspiration. Glory 4216 velvet (64 # 37CO 36 # 37VI) with stylized natural designs and metallic glitter: the leaves meet the geometric style creating a very unique fabric that combines classic and modern.

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Decobel velvet catalog

Founded in 2001 in Prato, in the heart of Tuscany, the Italian company Decobel is a reference for the national and international luxury textile market. The Cordon 4107 (65 # 37VI 27 # 37CO 8 # 37PL), which is distinguished for its vintage style, is part of the catalog of furnishing velvets. In particular, the compositional refinement inspired by the fantasies that were in vogue in the seventies; but of course there is no trace of contemporary mood. The result is a versatile proposal that fits in any context. In the case of Malaysia 4113 (65 # 37VI 27 # 37CO 8 # 37PL), however, the natural inspiration meets the jungle-animal world and comes from a decided exotic charm; a fabric enriched with personal environments. The great choice in our velvet collection, commented Gabriele Guidoni, decobel art director - makes us well positioned on the international market. Velvet is a precious, engaging, unique fabric. It requires the use of excellent raw materials and careful and skillful processing, which conveys a tradition but is geared to innovative techniques and international trends. Our sophisticated interpretation of Made in Italy, through the approach of sober colors and trompe l oeil effects, able to capture light brushes and color the atmosphere of a prestigious charm. The Decobel assortment is constantly updated and expanded; also includes proposals in viscose, silk, cotton, linen, mohair and trevira. Many of the working and fixing techniques used: embroidered, flocked, brushed, printed and imprinted. Highly chromatic choice. You can also request custom fabrics for minimum quantities to be defined.