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velvet decobel malaysia

Decobel decorative velvet: a rich and constantly updated catalog that includes modern and original floral patterns, fantasy inspired by the ...

Decobel fabrics

Decobel implements a policy of commitment to constantly modernize production facilities, improve methods and streamline production processes. In the face of an ever-changing market, Decobel can respond effectively and timely with a wide range of Fabrics. The accessories made by Decobel have the highest certifications that guarantee the undoubted quality. Decobel collaborates with design studios, designers and technicians: it enables us to develop accessories that can really help the real needs of customers. With a diverse range of fabrics models and accurate distribution, Decobel supplies the furniture industry and craftsman, from whom an interlocutor has been recognized. Decobel has on the benchmark a consolidated leadership role for modernization, quality of every proposal, advanced production processes, credibility, promptness in customer service.