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  • Nya Nordiska fabrics

Furnishing fabrics

Textiles in general and fabrics for sofas and armchairs in particular are essential elements to characterize environments, in terms of texture, color, tactile sensations. Indeed, it can be safely said that the right textiles can literally renovate houses and apartments. Many large companies have marked the history of the sector as they have projects and designs with innovative and anticipatory potential for the furniture-design sector. Some models of the past were so innovative as to keep their actuality and contemporaneity intact until today. The research and development work of these companies is incessant, which over the years have developed important improvements in materials and, using optimized processing technologies, have also been able to offer very interesting prices, in the face of impeccable quality.

  • Pure Perfection by Nya Nordiska

German furnishing fabrics

The German Nya Nordiska since 1964, successfully designs and manufactures decorative and furnishing fabrics of excellent quality, for private and public use. The company's catalog also offers Nya Artline decorative systems and the Nya Walls collection of wall panels and textile glass creations. Thanks to the excellence of the design of its fabrics and their sophisticated use, Nya Nordiska has already earned numerous awards. With over 312 awards for the exemplarity of its design, the company is one of the main international suppliers of innovative proposals for interior furnishing.Among the latest creations, the 2015 collection stands out, with which Nya Nordiska proposes a new dimension in volume, range and diversity of applications. The strength of the new items, more than fifty in all, is represented by the textile creations of the Pure Perfection, Luxury Life and Creative Concept lines. In all three lines the general theme of fade is artfully interpreted with fascinating shades, textures and patterns.