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The fall of the Nya Nordiska textiles

Nya Nordiska è a& # 39; family business leader in the worldwide textile sector which is characterized by innovation, refinement of styles and materials. Always it aims for highly sought furnishing fabrics and versatile, aiming constantly looking to combine l& # 39; high-quality 26-agrave; functionality toà ;.

The head office is located in Germany, in Lower Saxony, but it has offices in Paris, London, Como and Tokyo for a total of 120 employees.

Parties from the Scandinavian Design, over the years have blended to his art to design fabrics, contamination of European and world styles to get to today's highly sophisticated textile design and trend.


  • Nya Nordiska furnishing fabrics

The trend for Autumn 2016 in home furnishing fabrics by Nya Nordiska.

Gray will be the must-have color for this autumn 2016. Elegant in all its contrasts, it will always remain a symbol of style and good taste. Whether in solid color, patterned or paired with taupe, beige or white: it will give furniture, upholstery, sofas, and cushions a touch of timeless class.

Ideal for those who love minimal style, Nya Nordiska's gray is offered in a wide range of shades that enrich the existing collections.


  • Fabrics for sofas Nya Nordiska

The applications of Nya Norkiska textiles for home furnishings.

From the Luxury Life collection, which interprets floral themes in a light and feminine way and Art Deco graphic patterns with charm and changing effects, the fabrics are presented: Dylan, Ruben, Onda, and Amalia, ideal for bedcovers, cushions, decorations, or as upholstery fabrics. They are available in various heights and compositions.

From the Pure Perfection collection, mainly focused on the theme of nature with materials and shades in total harmony with mother earth, the fabrics are presented: Life, Raja, Wadi, Linea, Karima, Osmondo, Nubia, Flora, and Tarek. Ideal for tablecloths, bedcovers, cushions, decorations, etc., they are available in 100% or mixed compositions.

From the Creative Concept collection, which combines the primordial graphic lines of Nya Nordiska with floral motifs, the fabrics Quintus and Glos CS are proposed. Ideal for bedcovers, cushions, decorations, tablecloths, or upholstery.